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About Us and our EuroAmerican Home

Hi there and welcome!

This blog is all about Mickey and Trevor who are building a EuroAmerican Home, first in real life and also here on the internet. That way you can read all about the interesting projects and hilarity that make our EuroAmerican Home unique. 

These are our feet, you're welcome!
We survived a long distance relationship (thank you, almighty Skype) and we are now happily living on the same continent. I know, we can't believe it either.

It took us a white unicorn a lot of waiting and paperwork to close the distance but at the beginning of 2013 Mickey finally moved from Europe to the United States. We are now figuring out how to live together as a married intercultural couple.   

What do we do? Well, Trevor makes music. And Mickey makes Trevor laugh. Together we are a joyful whirlwind of giggles and dimples. Between the 2 of us we have 3 dimples and we call ourselves The Triple-Dimple Express.
 Join us on our journey towards building a home together.

It will be fun, we promise. 

Here's what we're going through in our K1 visa process:

Part 1 - Why we chose to get married in the United States

Part 2 - Compiling the K1 visa application (and the pain of having it sent to the Vermont Processing Center)

Part 3 - What happens after you apply for a K1 visa

Part 3 1/2 - How we got the news

Part 4 - What happens after the K1 visa leaves National Visa Center  

Part 5 - The K1 Visa Interview

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We also like to compile awesomeness on Pinterest, so feel free to follow our boards there. 

We don't tweet much, but when we do you can find us on Twitter too.


  1. Mickey, no way to subscribe via email to this? i want you in my inbox.

  2. Love it! Can't wait to read more!

    1. Thank you! We're trying to post a vignette every day.


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