Friday, August 15, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Orange {august break day 4}

“I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm going to ignore your advice.” Fantastic Mr. Fox

Day 1 - Lunch

Day 2 - Pattern

Day 3 - Window

Monday, August 4, 2014

Window in Amsterdam {august break day 3}

I snapped the photo above at the Madurodam miniature park in The Hague, about two weeks ago.

It's a picture of a miniature replica of a street in Amsterdam.

Seeing the whole country, in a glimpse, gazing at the beauty of the low lands.

Three facts about Madurodam:

- Everything (even the trees) are on a scale of 1:25.
- The miniature Dutch people wear jackets in the winter and T-shirts in the summer.
- We DJed an Armin Van Buuren concert, auctioned tulips, generated windmill energy, operated wind turbines, unloaded ships at the dock, manufactured clogs, operated a roller coaster and designed the set for a production of Shakespeare. All in a few hours at Madurodam. Oh, and we ate hot dogs too.

Details for The August Break 2014 here.

Day 1 - Lunch

Day 2 - Pattern

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pattern at a Pennsylvania fair {august break day 2}

“She was snatched back from a dream of far countries, and found herself on Main Street.”
from Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

The fair is back in town. I am struggling to get used to the cyclicity of events in a small town. The River Rescue carnival, the Apple Festival, Community Day - all too soon again. It's couldn't have been a year. I just blinked. It couldn't have been a year.

Details for The August Break 2014 here.

Day 1 - Lunch

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sunny side up and avocados {august break day 1}

EuroAmericanHome: Sunny side up eggs and avocado on toast

Sunny side up eggs on toast, topped with avocado and fresh homegrown African basil.

Gouda cheese with dried homegrown dill.

Ice tea with homegrown lavender.

Summer is my favorite season, the use of the word "homegrown" so often being one of the main reasons.

From a suburban garden to an organic farm in Normandy. That is the dream. {inspired by Chelsea}.

Details for The August Break 2014 here.

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