Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl with the Wife

Sunday was a momentous day in the EuroAmerican household. We woke up in the morning and Trevor had the entire day planned. There were going to be beers involved, nachos grande and banana bread. There would be TV watching and beer-drinking and cheering and explaining and a much anticipated finale. It was like Christmas in February, only with a more excited Trevor and a decidedly less excited me.

It was the Super Bowl.

Luckily, I was well versed in the art of acting as if I cared about a football game (and don't even get me started about calling it football). This is probably real life situation #1901 that allows me to use valuable life skills learned from Friends. So I pulled a Chandler and Phoebe circa The One with the Rumor and just screamed stuff at the TV. In retrospect, I think I should have probably waited for Trevor to explain the rules before I pretended to understand.

This is a true story:

Superbowl with the wife stick figures 2014
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