Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year: 1

Days until spring comes: 77

Degrees outside: -4 C

Degrees in Fahrenheit: No bloody idea.

Number of times it took to spell Fahrenheit correctly: 2 (am getting better)

Pieces of fudge eaten today: 5

Pieces of fudge smuggled from the kitchen to my home office when Trevor wasn't looking: 5

Number of fireworks seen on New Year's Eve: 0 (must be living in a parallel universe, where colored gun powder is not considered fun and blowing up your fingers is not considered worthy celebratory activity).

Number of bottles of wine I fell in love with: 1 (Hello Niagara grape, a U.S. native. Lovely to meet you!)

Number of resolutions made: 10

Number of times I heard December-2014-me cackling "I pity the fool who makes 10 resolutions": 100 => 10 cackles per resolution.

Number of days I will continue to write like Bridget Jones: ToBeDetermined. Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy was so bad that I now have to wash it out of my brain and retrieve the goofy innocence of the first two books. Is there any way to unread a book? I didn't even finish it, so there must be a way. 

Happy 2014!


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