Friday, October 4, 2013

Vintage cookbook teaches valuable lessons

One of the things that I like about living here, apart from being able to share a continent with my husband, is going to yard sales.

Yard sales, or garage sales, or porch sales, are a marvelous invention which deems going through other people's stuff not only socially acceptable, but also encouraged. Sure, there is a lot of trash and objects that should have never seen the light of day to begin with, but every once in a while we are able to find a diamond in the rough.

Today, I will show you one fine gem that I found at a yard sale for 50 cents.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

Introducing a cookbook from 1956, published by the First Methodist Church of Germantown, PA. Church cookbooks are quite a thing here. The ladies of the church put together their recipes, which are then collected into a book that is sold for fundraising. If you ask me, it's a great use of the collective (food) wisdom for the benefit of both the church and the gourmands in the community. 

It came with a patch and without any binding, but we learned valuable lessons from it:

1.  In 1956, married ladies used their husband's names. Mrs. Fred, Mrs. George and Mrs. Homer were probably very honored to contribute recipes to this collection.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

2. Nippy Cheese Rolls can be kept indefinitely. If that's not your cup of tea, you might as well try Mrs. Bruce's nutty nibbles.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:nutty nibbles and cheese spread EuroAmericanHome

3.  When you're expecting guests, make something that waits well for company. This tuna fish with pepper sauce will put on a nice suit and tie and make polite conversation on the settee.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook tuna fish with pepper sauce:EuroAmericanHome

 4. "The Girls" like chicken breasts.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook chicken divan:EuroAmericanHome

5. For a light refreshment, a quickie will do.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook orange cream punch:EuroAmericanHome

6. Gooey buns are a great treat after a skating party. However, it is considered faux pas to have gooey buns after a swimming party.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook after swimming party:EuroAmericanHome

7.  This is what a healthy Sunday menu is supposed to look like. Would you like some sherbet with your red cabbage?

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook holiday menu:EuroAmericanHome

8.  It's not called losing weight. It's called reducing diet.

diet for gaining weight Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

9.  Even back in 1956, the latest fashion and loans went hand in hand.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

10. There are serious reasons to save.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

11. Keep your ads simple. And nice.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

12. Unless you want to write them in all caps. Then you can be as assertive as you like.

Germanntown Pennsylvania cookbook:EuroAmericanHome

I'm really hoping that the ladies of Germantown of yore won't sue me for reproducing their material.

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  1. I love these pages! The menus are particularly great.


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