Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things to do this summer: Read a children's book

In an effort to brush up on my American popular culture skills, and get some of my husband's totally random references, I decided that I need to know more about Dr. Seuss and his body of work.

Trevor often forgets that I did not grow up in America, and he's genuinely surprised when I tell him I have no idea who Yertle the Turtle is. Obviously, I need an education.

So we grabbed The Cat in the Hat at a yard sale, and Trevor read it to me in mischievous voices.

EuroAmericanHome:the cat in the hat - dr seuss

It is the story of two very bored children with nothing to do on a cold and wet day. That is until a tall cat with an even taller top hat shows up and tells them they can have "lots of good fun that is funny". The cat proceeds to show them tricks and cause havoc in the house until the children's mother comes home. The story in verse was written by Dr. Seuss as an effort to promote literacy to beginning readers, by using an entertaining plot and a limited vocabulary made up of short words.

Here are five things I learned from The Cat in the Hat:

1. Get a bossy fish that will take you to school. If you want to make him shut up, hold him up on a rake.

2. When a cat says "That's not all!", the cat means it. 

3. Cats are attention-starved pretty much every second. 

4. Beware of things called Thing One and Thing Two. They'll wreck your house.

5. Stand up to your cat and make him clean up.

EuroAmericanHome:the cat in the hat - dr seuss

After we read the book, I started noticing this hipster cat everywhere. Here he is on the door of the local elementary school, on the first day of school. The cat cleans up after himself, so I guess he sets a good example with that.

EuroAmericanHome:The cat in the hat-Dr Seuss storyline

But we couldn't stop here. On one of our walks, we went into the library, went downstairs to their children's room (yep, they keep the kids the basement), and looked for more Dr. Seuss books. They had a whole shelf full of them, and we picked Oh, the Places You'll Go!

 We sat down at one of their small colorful tables, and I started reading in a whimsical voice. After we finished the book, we got up and walked out. Needless to say, the librarian had a good story to tell to his buddies that day.

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  1. I love Dr.Seuss! As a primary school teacher her eint he UK, I have read loads of his books to my classes through the years!

    Molly xo


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