Monday, August 5, 2013

Things to do this summer: Make weird things

I'm not sure it's summer anymore here in Pennsylvania. I had to wear layers yesterday. I replaced my morning coffee with hot tea today, and there's a brisk breeze making the tree branches in our yard bend and curve. Having to alternate between sunscreen and a cardigan during the same day is ... interesting. Especially in early August.

We had a full day this Sunday, with cooking, concerts and two painting sessions. First, we painted a frame for a Mucha puzzle that we finished about three months ago. We put it away, forgot about it, and it's been resting on our mantel ever since. While we had the paints out, we spruced up this piece of tree branch that we had on our porch. We had picked it up last week on one of our evening walks. Now, I don't particularly go around picking up dead branches (yet), but I was looking for something to use as bookends on my new shelf.

We used the Yolo primer for the white base. Then Trevor carefully used the last scraps of painter's tape to shape out a heart which we filled in with the green paint. If that looks familiar, it's because we used the same paints for the monogrammed chairs.



I'm thinking the heart on it makes this eligible for August Break's theme for Sunday, which was "love". 

The August Break 2013


  1. Goodness, I really love looking through all the things you do / make! I am usually a crafty person but have lost a bit of inspiration lately ... may be getting it back thanks to you!


  2. Thank you, Molly! We make so many things, but don't get a chance to show all of them. Every week, we have little projects going on. I should really get better at showing them (off). But sometimes it feels silly to talk about them.


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