Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things to do this summer: Have sangria at sunset

Our house has a nice old wooden deck in the back which has gradually become our al fresco dining place, our creative sweet spot and our debriefing-over-lunch location. There's something about summer in Pennsylvania that makes us want to spend time outside as much as possible.

When I first came here, in February, the weather was so cold and the small town looked deserted. I would stare out the window every 30 minutes and whine "Where is everyboooooody?" to which Trevor responded "They'll be out in the summer."

See, I come from the city. The concept of seeing people out on the street just when the weather is nice was new to me. Don't they like being splashed with snow mush by passing cars? Aren't they fascinated with getting frostbites? Where is their spirit of adventure and why don't they long for getting really close to strangers all sardined up in a bus stop? Don't they consider pulling a 3-kid sledge along the sidewalk a form of exercise? Do they know what they're missing?

Surely enough, they were out when the weather got milder and now it seems like a lot of our neighbors like to spend time on their porches. So do we and our evenings out on the deck start like this:

Mickey: Let's have beer outside!

Trevor: Sure! It is Monday, after all.

Mickey: <shurgs>

Last week, we had sangria and it looked a little bit like this:

I love sunsets and Pennsylvania is a treat when it comes to purple and orange skies. 

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