Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things to do this summer: Go to a farm

Tuesday is our farm-love day.

Every week, we go up on the highway and down on winding roads to get to the Oak Grove farm store. We have a farmer's market nearby and the local chain supermarket is well stocked in the produce section, but we enjoy buying our vegetables from the people who actually harvest them.

Central Pennsylvania is rich in small farms so we picked one that's relatively close and we've been going there every week for the past two months. It is a family-owned and operated business that goes back 60 years.


They have their own bakery where they bake delicious pies. (I'm looking at you, pecan beauty.) They make jams, jellies and ice cream year round and they have flower greenhouses in the back. You can pick your own flowers while having coffee. And it IS the place where I tasted my first whoopie pie (it does really make you go whoopie! from the sugar-induced adrenaline rush).


I like the fact that I can buy locally sourced milk in glass jugs, which you then return for a refund. I love supporting small farms and I love places that take back their packing supplies (jar, crates, cartons, boxes). Somehow, all the small things seem so meaningful when you buy your corn from the field that you just drove by, you see the raspberries being harvested a few meters away and smell the cakes being baked in the back of the store.


We came home with a nice loot of corn, peppers, tomatoes, apricots, onions and apples.

Oh, and chocolate covered sunflowers seeds and roasted soy beans. Just because.



  1. I'm a city type of girl, but when I read this ....the raspberries...you painted a beautiful picture. Luckily I have a farmer's market 3 minutes away from my apartment and I can go there whenever I want to. But, I know, it's not the same...


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