Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things to do this summer: Doodle on a mug

As the self-respecting newlywed couple that we are, Trevor and I like to spend a lot of time together, and a good amount of this time is spent working on various projects. We usually run into the issue of coming up with too many projects for the amount of time we have, but we take it easy and do whatever strikes our fancy. Pinterest should be banned for people who already have too many ideas and not enough resources (time, money and access to supplies).

Last week, we took a short project that's been floating around on Pinterest for a while and we put our own spin on it. We learned how to make fun mugs using permanent markers. I collect mugs and went to the trouble of transporting my entire collection to the United States, so it only seemed appropriate to add a few more pieces to it.

Things to do this summer: make permanent-marker-mugs

Step 1: Find cheap simple mugs.

If your project fails you won't feel sorry for spending too much money. We bought a set of 4 mugs made by a local company called Pfaltzgraff.

Step 2: Give them a good wash.

Make sure to also remove any dust or grease specks with a bit of vinegar or alcohol. Even if your mugs are new, you want them to be squeaky clean so that the marker adheres.

Step 3: Grab some permanent markers.

Everybody here calls them Sharpie, because that's the most popular and common brand of permanent markers. We used simple markers, although they do make some for ceramics. We chose about 6 colors to work with, but keep in mind that some colors might adhere better than others. Don't use yellow! Lesson learned the hard way.

Step 4: Draw to your heart's desire. Get yourself a bundle of patience, because drawing on a curved surface is not a piece of cake.

We had 4 mugs to mess up, so we proceed to goof around. I drew one with "The Giggles and Dimples Show" because that would be the name of our morning TV show, if we ever get one. You know, like Troy and Abed in the Morning. One the other side I masterfully planted a kite in honor of the first time I ever flew a kite, which took place under Trevor's direct supervision.

Things to do this summer: make permanent-marker-mugs

Things to do this summer: make permanent-marker-mugs

Trevor drew a modern triangular flower design on one of the mugs and wrote Love Time (our personal motto) on the other. Then I pestered him into drawing a lettuce and a bee on the third mug, because once I get a pun stuck in my head I will not let it go. So lettuce bee! I think his bee is absolutely adorable but the first lettuce that he drew looked more like a bowl full of mush. So if your design fails the first time, use rubbing alcohol to wipe it off.

Things to do this summer: make permanent-marker-mugs

Step 5: Bake it.

We put the 4 mugs on a tray and put them in the oven at 400F (that's roughly 200 degrees Celsius) for about 40 minutes. Don't preheat the oven. In fact, make sure you heat it up slowly so that the mugs don't crack. In theory, they've already been baked once but take it easy on them because mugs have feelings too. Don't take them out right after they're baked either. Let them cool down in the oven. It makes it easier on the material if it's not exposed to sudden temperature changes.

We must confess that we double baked our mugs by accident. We left them in the oven after they were done and went on our sweet way to run some errands. When we came back home, we had some serious baking to do so we preheated the oven, forgetting that the mugs were inside. Luckily, they survived our second baking wave unharmed and ready to serve as harborers of morning pick-me-ups. Sorry, I get poetic when it comes to my coffee.

Step 6: Be gentle with the mugs.

As established, mugs are very delicate object that should only be adored and pampered. Ok, maybe I'm the only one who thinks that, but these permanent marker mugs shouldn't be put in the dishwasher. If you're really that lazy and you can't get yourself to wash one mug by hand, then you can choose from several oil-based markers for ceramic use available on Amazon - Sharpie has a set of two markersand Faber has a set of Colorburst Paint Pensthat would be perfect for this kind of project.

What would you draw on your mug?

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  1. Love this! Will be giving it a go with my husband!

    Molly @ The Move to America


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