Friday, July 26, 2013

Things to do this summer: Collect art

Not just any type of art. Collect fridge art!

You all may know that I love art. I am a patron of the arts every chance I get. I can never say "no" to a good piece and if I ever won the lottery (provided I start playing the lottery) I would use half the money to buy works of art from emerging artists.

It's no wonder that a couple of days ago I jumped at the chance of acquiring a majestic piece of abstract art for our fridge.

Trevor and I were grilling outside. Our garden spews out so much zucchini that not a week goes by without having to cook 3 recipes that include zucchini in any way, shape or form imaginable. So anyway, we were grilling veggies outside when a little girl comes to our gate and asks Trevor if we want to buy some of her drawings. Trevor asks if she was raising money for something (Americans are so good at always raising money for something) and she said she was trying to raise money to go to the beach. We loved her honesty! And her pink outfit!

After careful consideration and a lot of head scratching (trying to figure out what we were looking at), I purchased this drawing.

EuroAmericanHome:FRidge Art

Let me make myself clear, it was a tough choice to make. How can you choose between drawings of googly bugs, giant caterpillars and cauliflower trees? The little girl, whose name was Riley, drove a tough bargain and it took some convincing to have her accept 75 cents when she was only asking for 50 cents. Her dad was supervising the whole transaction from a distance, so it's safe to say his managing skills were top-notch. Letting an adorable four-year old convince you to buy a piece of paper with scribblings on it is the height of art dealership.

So our fridge now looks like this:

EuroAmericanHome:What's on your fridge

Riley's Giant Caterpillar and Tree piece fits in perfectly with the Chiquita Minion sticker, my Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion chart, postcards from out trips together, Samuel Adams beer caps with a message and the cheeky magnet that reads "please don't tamper with the cook's buns". It all comes together so well.

In other completely non-related news, Molly from The Move to America linked to our blog. She likes our monogrammed stools project so yay!

P.S. I'd be interested to know what is on your fridge.


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