Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The weekenders (or How to judge a city by its cover)

Last weekend we decided to take an impromptu trip to New York City. It was fun and interesting and Trevor and I had some insightful conversations, like so:

[in the subway station]

Trevor: Wanna sit down?

Mickey: Sure, I'm burning my jeans when we get back anyway.

[or on the subway]

Mickey: That guy is talking to himself, that woman is chewing her own hair and this chick is putting on makeup. I feel so homesick!

[or in Times Square]

Trevor: Look, there's Mario! And Mickey Mouse!

Mickey: And Spiderman! And Batman!

Trevor: And the cowboy from Toy Story!

Mickey: And Hello Kitty, I never knew she had such big boobs.

super mario in times square

But seriously, this trip was great and I'm happy I got to see two of my friends while I was there. We drove to New York via Allentown through pouring rain. We had sushi and rubbed against strangers in Times Square and Fifth Avenue. We got chased out of Central Park by a thunderstorm and I was looked down upon by the Empire State Building (and pigeons).

paramount hard rock view in New york euroamericanhome.blogspot.com

New York will always be the city where we saw kids on a leash and dogs in a stroller.

cbs, flowers and fashion district new york collage euroamericanhome.blogspot.com

The sign on the cab next to the Disney billboard seems almost as weird as the giant button and needle in the Fashion District. 

fashion district disney new york

I can't wait to go back in the fall and do a tour of the art museums and galleries.

New Yorkers are apparently fearless in regards to Mother Nature. We had checked the weather before going to the city, and knew that it would rain later in the afternoon. As we walked about Central Perk Park, the clouds rolled in and the thunder began to rumble. I was raised that when you hear thunder, you go immediately inside. You definitely don't stand in a park next to trees. Now I realize that New York is full of tall buildings that will absorb most of the lightning, but I'm no fan of torrential downpours either. So as we were making our way (quickly) out of the park, the New Yorkers were laughing at the thunder (literally) and walking INTO the park. We found cover by the subway station the moment the skies opened up. Then we spent the next 10 minutes watching the the brave locals come bolting out of the park, through traffic, to get to the subway.  The subway was full of wet people for rest of the day (and I thought it smelled bad on a sunny day).

We then drove back to the most beautiful sunset that America has treated me to so far.

beautiful sunset from the highway

sunset on the highway


  1. Dear Mickey, I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your blog, even if I don't have time to post comments, unfortunately, but it's a great idea, and you're doing a great job recording all the details of your first months in the States. I hope you'll continue, and maybe even publish a book at some point? Well, no pressure (yet:)! Si casa de piatra!xx
    Mihaela (P.)

  2. Aw, hi Mihaela! The minute I saw MP I knew it was you. Thanks for reading our blog!


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