Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to fold like a pro

One thing I like about American store bought food is that it all comes with instructions and recipes. The King Arthur Flour has instructions on how to bake bread and a recipe for oatmeal sandwich bread, the Quaker Oatmeal has a recipe for vanishing oatmeal raisin cookies and even the tortilla chips have instructions for how to make cheesy nachos.

But, by far, the most innovative set of instructions I have found on a bag of food is the one printed on the pita that we bought to make fajitas.

Are you ready? It will blow.your.mind. Seriously, your mind will explode with the power of the knowledge you are about to gain.

There you go:

taco and fajita folding instructions

You're welcome! By the way, if you were dipping it all this time you were doing it wrong.

Oh, and if you're feeling like a daredevil and want to take on a more serious cooking task, you could also try folding a wrap. What? You don't know how to do that? After all those years of eating Turkish and Greek specialties ... Nts, nts, nts (shakes head disapprovingly).

Fine, I'll teach you. It wasn't so easy for me either but luckily I still had the pita bag to guide me through. 

wrap folding instructions

 Now take that knowledge and open a restaurant.

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