Friday, May 3, 2013

How to connect with nature in your back yard

1. Take a city girl (born and bred).

2. Transplant her to charming small town America. Add in a dimpled musician for really good incentive.

3. Have her peek out the window one morning while drinking her coffee.

4. Throw in a squirrel prancing around on the fence.

5. Girl jumps up and down like a maniac, screaming: "It's my first squirrel here!".

6. The name Sir Walnut McFluffyButt is coined (for the squirrel, not the girl).

7. Girl patrols around the yard with a camera in her pocket for the next 2 months.

Thus was the story of how Mickey and American wildlife got acquainted.

This morning Trevor was having a staring contest with Walnut (or one of his relatives) without realizing that the dear Sir was happily munching on my freshly planted gladiola bulbs. Fierce beasts!

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