Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh, winter holidays, we miss you already!

collage of things to do for christmas a list

Now that we are back into the swing of things we can look back at the holiday season of 2012 as a very joyous time. Trevor visited for 23 days in December and early January so we made a list with everything that we wanted to do together during this time. There are some things which we didn't really manage to get done: we didn't eat gingerbread (made this mistake last year and the gingerbread proved to be a colored lump of nothing), we didn't have a Christmas movie marathon (unless you consider Arrested Development to be cheerful Christmas entertainment) and we didn't make snow angels (ok, I flat out refused, pardon the pun, because it was too cold, so our new resolution is to only make snow angels in our own back yard and then run inside for a hot cup of cocoa).

What we did manage to do is:

- bake cookies (see here and here for recipes);
- decorate 2 Christmas trees. I didn't miss the chance to decorate the Trevor with patriotic tinsel. (Instructions for patriotic tinsel: take all the colors in the flag and wrap them around boyfriend's neck. Done!)
- read short stories by P.G. Wodehouse, which provided Trevor with the perfect occasion to do all of his British accents; of course he didn't miss the opportunity to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in his Santa voice.
- cook a snowman pizza. Trevor made a super dough with rosemary and oregano sprinkled in, which made it look like dirty snow, but it was quite delicious.
- have cake an inordinate amount of times.  Not too many times, just an inordinate amount.
- make felt ornaments, which led me to find out Trevor's complete inability to thread a needle.
- freeze our heads off taking walks in the park and in the city.
- have cocoa and marshmallows ... and cake.
- build a snowman upside down. Word of advice: don't put the carrot in first. Just imagine it, and then don't!
- have a couple of lunches with my family, where Trevor stoically endured the "stuff the guest" tradition. 
- watch sunsets that seemed too good for December;
- have mulled wine. We just wanted it to last forever.
- make pancakes.  They're so FLUFFY!
- watch fireworks. Read that: enjoy far away fireworks, hide from nearby ones.

- pack two suitcases. And this is a story for another day.

collage of things to do for christmas a list

and last but not least ...

We got our NOA 2, the highly coveted abbreviation of our dreams. This means that our application was approved in the U.S. and will now be sent to my embassy for processing. It only took 6 and a half months without any sign of life from USCIS and we only checked our status on the USCIS website a few million times. We are still in waiting mode because the petition still has to go through the National Visa Center before it reaches the local embassy, but we are glad and grateful that we didn't get an RFE (Request for Evidence), which would have slowed down the process even more. Cue happy dance!

On January 1st, we decided to check our application status for the 2,534,019th time, and that's when we saw that we were approved on December 31st. So we thanked God and asked Him for a big fat blessing for that government worker who processed our application on New Year's Eve.

our visa petition approval story finacee visa

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