Friday, January 11, 2013

How to transport a collection

You see, I don't have many collections. In fact, the only thing I collect is mugs and it's more like a working collection since I'm a tea and coffee lover. I buy a mug from every city I visit plus I got a few from my friends, so it's an emotional attachment that's hard to break. So when Trevor asked me what else I intended to bring to the US besides clothes, the answer was obvious.

Trevor: How many mugs do you want to take?

Mickey: How much do you love me?

Trevor: Infinitely.

Mickey: About 20.

Trevor carefully packed and transported 21 mugs and a teapot and I am never allowed to call him impatient ever again.

While my dad was driving Trevor to the airport, the conversation went like this:

Mickey's dad: So did she give you any mugs?

Trevor (hesitantly): Yeah ...

Mickey: SHHHH! Don't say a word!

Mickey's dad: How many?

Mickey: Trevor, divide by 2!

<awkward 30 second pause>

Mickey: Are you dividing by 2?

Trevor: No, I'm still counting.

how to transport a collection of mugs

I'm happy to report that almost all the mugs got there safely, with only one cow-mug casualty which was promptly replaced by Trevor

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