Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to prove a bona fide relationship

Now that our Petition for Alien Fiancee has been approved, Mickey gets to take her turn at filling out paperwork and appearing for an interview with a U.S. Consular Officer. The primary function of this interview is for her to convince the Officer that our relationship is bone fide, which Mickey always reminds me is correctly pronounced bone-ah FEED-ey not the Americanized bone-uh fahyd.

As you may or may not be aware, government paperwork is no simple task (reminder: it's tax season). In fact, it's so bad, Congress passed an entire ACT devoted to the problem (which itself was 32 pages and later amended with another 23). Since this is the second set of forms we will have to submit to the U.S. government (with at least 3 more sets coming) it only seems fair that we should take the opportunity to turn the tables a little.

So if they want proof of a legitimate relationship, we have plenty of emails, pictures, phone records, online chat logs, and of course this blog to show for it. Your move USCIS.
How to prove a bona fide relationship

I hope you enjoy the new look of our stick figures. Mickey is too cute not to draw her a little better.

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