Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to mail things to Europe

As much as long periods of waiting are frustrating, those short periods of waiting right when the end is sooooo close can be equally frustrating.

Now that our petition is approved, the medicals are done, passport photos taken, all that remains is for a few documents to arrive from the US.

We watched excitedly (via shipment tracking) as our petition was sent from the National Visa Center and arrived in the US Embassy only 3 days later.

We assumed (like our many postcards already sent and received) that First-class mail via the USPS would be sufficient to send my documents to Mickey. We were wrong.

After sending one package "first-class" we realized we had one more document, so I sent a second package 2 days later using Priority mail. It has arrived. The first package has stillll not arrived. Imagine running a race and you get to the last hurdle only to have someone hold up a sign that says you must stop and wait for a snail to cross in front of you before you can continue. That's what this feels like.

I'm pretty sure this is what the USPS does with "first-class" mail:

How first-class mail gets to Europe

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