Monday, December 17, 2012

Paper Christmas Trees

One of the things on our December fun list was making felt crafts. Thanks to Trevor's mother, we have a good batch of felt that will be subject to a lot of gluing and stitching. We've already made one very cute felt house but we're still waiting to have a whole set before we show it to you.

I've been collecting patterns on Pinterest for the past 2 months and have been filling up boards which I shrewdly named Winter Crafts and We Can Make This, which is basically an invitation to action akin to "come on self, if others could do this so can you". Notice the use of the pronoun in the first person plural (we), thus implying some external help (or the presence of multiple personalities).

My crafting board used to be called I Can Make This but I changed it when I realized that:

a) haha, riiiiight!!!

b) Trevor joined Pinterest and he's a nosy diy-er himself. The man thinks he joined so he can stalk me online on yet another social network, but what he doesn't know is that the moment he clicked on 'I accept the terms and conditions' he became the execution to my planning, the yin to my yang, the glue to my piece of paper, the www. to my .com.

Last year we only completed a small paper decorations project inspired by something found on Pinterest. By completed I mean I found it, got super excited about it, proceeded to jump up and down on the bed and gather the supplies (not at the same time, mind you, I don't play with scissors), worked about 5 minutes on it together with Trevor and then delegated the entire process to him because I was too busy being in awe of his very focused face, admiring his dimples and stuffing my face with chocolate. When everything was finished (90% by him) I resumed my jumping up and down on the bed and hung the paper decoration in the Christmas tree.

Aren't they cute?

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  1. I'd love to include these adorable ornaments in a roundup on I will use one image and a link back to your site. Please let me know if you would rather not be included. Love your ornaments! Pinned.


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