Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 1 - How to pack for a trip

So the time is finally here! I am actually in the United Club at the airport typing this post!

Of course there was much preparation up to now, so I thought I would share a little of the fun in packing for a trip such as this. Keep in mind, Mickey and I have been planning ahead and bringing her things to America a little at a time. This time, I will return with 2 full suitcases of Mickey's things. Which means I have to pack light while coming over, bring an extra suitcase, and anything else I pack must be left behind or consumed. When I started packing yesterday, the list started like this:

 - Extra suitcase
 - Hershey's Kisses
 - Felt, ribbon, glue (for Christmas Crafts)
 - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
 - Paperwork for Visa interview
 - Chocolate dipped Christmas Peeps
 - Bottle of wine (for her family)
 - Hot Cocoa packets
 - Extra packaging supplies for return trip
 - Homemade fudge (from my mother)
 - Cell-phone with minutes (for Mickey's trip to the USA)
 - ...and anything I need for the a toothbrush

I'm not even sure that's everything I am bringing, but there wasn't a whole lot of room left for clothes. That extra suitcase filled most of it. Plus I am bringing 2 boxes of cocoa, 2 bags of Kisses and 2 boxes of fudge. Are you sensing a theme?

How to pack for a trip

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