Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 36 - How to buy cheap candy

The trick-or-treaters are gone, the costumes put away forever, and everyone can take down the decorations and toilet paper. Now that Halloween is over and we have hit the month of November, it is time to start the preparations for Thanksgiving Christmas! Wait, what?!

The way I celebrate the first week of November, is to go to the stores and buy 50%-off Halloween leftovers. I don't buy candy often, but if I do, I try to be frugal. Okay, the truth is I am at the store the day after Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter every year. I would go after Christmas too, but that is suicide.

Plus, I never seem to be wanting for more exposure to Christmas. Perhaps it is because I have spent plenty of time with my family and loved ones. Perhaps it is because the cheer of the season so fills me with warmth that it lasts until my birthday. Or perhaps it is because by the time I hit December 1st everything smells like peppermint and fir trees.

I'm not a complete scrooge, I'm just one of those people who thinks Christmas celebrations would be just fine if they started sometime in the same month as the actual holiday. Next year I am going to go to the store on Halloween and give out Christmas candy.
shopping in November

Maybe Tim Burton will take my idea and start working on The Nightmare After Halloween.

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