Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 32 - How to make a face

Mickey and I thoroughly enjoy each other's sense of humor, and one of the things that regularly cracks Mickey up is my face.

In our last post, I drew a dress on Mickey, which increased the accuracy of our artistic interpretations by 1000 fold. So I thought I would attempt a self-portrait. But in order to make it a bit entertaining for our readers, I will add a story to this portrait.

Also, it's late and I don't have a better idea.

Lately, a number of my friends have been popping out kids, and a few more are expecting. While babies are precious and adorable, sometimes they come out looking like raisin shaped alien beings. And thus one of the faces that has made Mickey laugh is called the "raisin-baby" face.

Get ready to laugh.

Raisin-baby face

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