Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 31 - How to prevent overeating

One of the first things that Trevor learned about me is that I like chocolate. A lot!

What he learned the hard way is that I won't stop from eating the chocolate until it is gone. For good!

Actually this is true for every food that I really like. This is how it usually happens: Trevor cooks or brings something delicious. I consume the first portion of it like a lady, then I pig out on the rest until there is nothing left. Then I start complaining that I feel like a balloon and that my tummy hurts and then I scold Trevor for letting me eat so much and make him promise to not let me eat as much next time. He never stops me in time, mostly because he has no idea how little food a tiny woman needs.

He did manage to save a few potentially disastrous situations by quickly eating the leftovers himself or stashing away his mother's fudge on top of my kitchen cupboard. I tried to get that by climbing on a stool but it was a bit shaky so I had to give up, in the interest of not breaking my neck. But man, my adrenaline was pumping from all that sugar rush and I was feeling a little bit like Catwoman. And I knew I couldn't rely on Trevor to catch me if I fell, because I sneakily waited for him to get in the shower before I attempted my evil master plan. I was planning to beam with a mouthful of fudge when he got out but alas, my plan was derailed by wobbly kitchen furniture.

Anyway, back to chocolate! A friend brought me two huge bars of chocolate from Wales yesterday, which I happily shared with my brother. By that I mean he sneaked away and started sawing them in half. Seriously, they were huge, he almost needed a chainsaw. Even so, I still came home with two considerably large chunks of chocolate. After I ate some after dinner instead of dinner, I started feeling the guilt. You see, each row was worth 160 calories, and I had already eaten 3 rows in 10 minutes. Add to that the big purple letters on the foil warning me to "be treatwise" and I felt that the leftover bar was judging me. So in an effort to remove temptation, I threw it on top of my wardrobe and tried to forget about its existence. But we're talking Cadbury Dairy Milk, Fruit and Nut here, straight from Cadburylandia.

Naturally, the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to try to retrieve my Cadbury leftovers. I was full of sugar and fervor last night so I threw it pretty deep. I tried to reach it with a stick, but all I managed to do is poke at it and push it further away.

I could borrow a ladder from my carpenter neighbor but I really don't want to answer the question "what do you need it for?"

I could also defrost the emergency bar that I have in my freezer, but it's been sitting next to a bag of broccoli for way too long and I'm not that desperate yet.

So right now the best solution seems to be to wait for Trevor('s tallness) to come here in about a month and have him be my superhero, Chocolate-Retrieveman.

How to prevent overeating stick figures

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