Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 26 - How to shop like a pro

Trevor is flying here in less than a month, so the other day we were planning our December Fun To-do List. We're having Christmas lunch at my parents' so we thought we'd attempt to bake something. Ok, I thought we should bake something and Trevor reticently agreed, because he considers baking to be a science that you don't mess with (and we're messy in the kitchen).

Trevor found a relatively easy recipe that we can try. When I say relatively easy, I mean for me, since I'll probably just be jumping up and down next to the workstation, incessantly asking "are you sure this is how it's done?" and then running up and down from the kitchen to the bedroom asking "is it ready yet?"

The recipe calls for Hershey's Kisses and the plan was to have Trevor go to the store and buy one bag of Kisses and one box of hot chocolate (since this is also on our list).

Our conversation went like this:

Mickey: So JUST buy one bag of Kisses. Just ONE! We're going to have enough sweets for the holidays as it is.

Trevor: Ok, I'll just buy ONE. Don't worry.

Then this happens:

hershey's kisses cookie recipe
Trevor has this philosophy that if they're on sale we should take advantage of that and stock up, which usually clashes with my philosophy of 'there will be no uneaten chocolate in this house'. So he pretends to fight the impulse to buy more chocolate and I (sometimes bother to) pretend to fight the impulse to eat it all as soon as he unpacks it. We make a great team!

how to shop for the holidays stick figures

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