Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 24 - How to craft for Thanksgiving

It takes a little bit of effort and a good dose of creativity to fuel a good romantic relationship. It takes a little bit more creativity and a good dose of  "what on earth are they doing?!!" to nurture a long distance relationship.

Trevor and I take the time to come up with different ideas for date nights, even when we're more than 4000 miles apart. So far our Skype dates have included: movie nights, cooking nights, serenade nights, storytelling nights, poetry nights and even craft nights.

Last year for Thanksgiving we decided to have a little fun with paper crafts. So we found a few tutorials online, on a website which I'm pretty sure was for kids. With a little bit of colored paper and some glue we whipped up a turkey and a couple of pilgrims. Then we were very proud of ourselves and, in the spirit of the holiday, we felt very grateful for having found each other. I mean, who else would be willing to spend an evening to meticulously cut up bits of paper into this?

Meet the village pilgrim people:

thanksgiving pilgrim paper crafts
Fyi, this is not a police line up of the usual suspects, they're just holding hands because they're in love. Mr. Pilgrim's jacket looks a bit faded because I didn't have black paper and I had to color it in with a black marker (you hear that, Trevor? Nobody calls it a sharpie here, that's just the brand name).

And here is la piece de resistance:

thanksgiving turkey paper crafts

Yes, I felt the need to stick a chick on his heart. Why do you ask?

These are my crafts as Trevor claims to have misplaced his pilgrims. I think he just has pilgrim envy because his little redhead Pilgrimette didn't have that je ne sais quoi. As for the turkey, Trevor stuck it in a flower pot and it got watered down and it faded in the sun. So kids, let this cardboard turkey teach you a lesson: wear sunscreen pot is bad for you.

cardboard paper turkey thaksgiving craft euroamerican home

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