Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 23 - How to read body language

In any relationship, whether international or not, couples inevitably learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings without using words. Some of these messages are easier to read than others.

One very simple form of body language that Mickey uses was very easy for me to interpret. So easy, in fact, that I named it the "Huff Robot". This particular motion occurs when "someone" does or says something that might frustrate or disappoint Mickey. In order to communicate this annoyance to "someone", Mickey raises her elbows into the air and in a swift, nearly robotic motion, plants her fists firmly onto her hips. In case "someone" doesn't fully grasp the meaning of this, it as accompanied by a furrowed brow, pursed lips, raised shoulders and an adorable high-pitched "hmph!"

If "someone" is subjected to this response, they can further test its meaning by imitating the robotic nature of the motion. If Mickey laughs, then "someone" can suppose that the infraction was not all that serious. If Mickey does not even giggle, then it is time to consider an apology or exit strategy.

Be warned. The "Huff Robot" is cute, but dangerous.

the Huff Robot

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