Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 14 - How to do Thanksgiving stuffing (of self)

Thanksgiving is one of Trevor's favorite holidays, mainly because it involves the magical 3 Fs - family, food and football. I've asked him to tell me about what he usually does on this day and his stories invariably contain long descriptions of feasts and sports.

The peril of good holiday cooking, however, is this:

thanksgiving stuffing stick figures
This is actually one of my worries about moving to the U.S. Since both Trevor and I are gourmands, I'm afraid the little green blob in the picture above will be me come next Thanksgiving. It's worth mentioning that out of the 6 pictures that Trevor emailed to me on this day, 6 of them were pictures of food (you know, like 6 out of 6 dentists recommend you brush your teeth).

I'm looking forward to my first official American Thanksgiving, because last year we celebrated it by roaming the streets of Munich, crashing the Christmas Market and watching a misty sunset in the English Botanical Gardens. Trevor's friends cooked what we assumed was either a very large chicken or a small turkey, since nobody could understand the German label and there was no quick way of translating it in the store. It was a delicious meal nonetheless and my first encounter with the American version of stuffing, which I will euphemistically call interesting.

Christmas market in munich germany
Munich Christmas Market

fall autumn sunset in the englischer garten in munich, germany
Misty sunset in the Englischer Garten (also the only time we saw the sun in two weeks)

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