Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 76 - How to have a lovers' tiff

We've already mentioned that Trevor and I have somewhat different tastes in movies. As every self-respectable couple, of course we have to turn to movie references to better drive our point home. I admit I am at a disadvantage here because Trevor is a walking encyclopedia, bursting at the seams with quotes (no honey, I'm not calling you fat, just knowledgeable).

A disadvantage for Trevor is that 50% of my references come from Friends, and he hasn't really watched that sitcom. And by that I mean he hasn't watched every episode at least 30 times and doesn't know them all by heart. I've heard that's possible.

So we might have conversations that sound like this:

Mickey: Rules are good. Rules help control the fun. 

Trevor: Says who?

Mickey: Monica Geller, duh!

Trevor: You're crazy.

Mickey: Hey, my mother had me tested.

Trevor: Great Scott! You can't handle the truth!

Mickey: You talkin' to me?! <points menacing finger>

how to have an argument with your girlfriend stick figures


  1. oh my god this is my favoritest one yet!

  2. Thanks, Eliza! We're glad to know we meet the popular culture standards of such a movie buff.


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