Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 71 - How to grow a beard

This will be a short post today. We need a short break from the visa stuff, but we will get back to it. Don't worry, there's time.

My friends who know me well know that I have little to no fashion sense. Ok, I have NO fashion sense. So when it comes to matters of appearance I allow Mickey to decide for me (at least that's how I tell myself it works).

This conversation actually happened today (or something like it). I try to keep my facial hair in check, but unfortunately my beard trimmer no longer charges, so I have been using scissors to trim.
 Much to her dismay, scissors don't exactly have a length setting. She likes my beard, so if it is too short I am immediately ordered to grow it back. Immediately. Try as I might... I can't seem to grow facial hair any faster.

So while we wait for our visa, we can always watch my facial hair grow to pass the time (sigh).

How to grow a beard

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