Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 63 - How to carve a pumpkin

You know it's true love when the first picture that your boyfriend tags you in on Facebook is that of a carved pumpkin. And you're nowhere in the picture.

Last year for Halloween, Trevor wanted to carve a pumpkin. I was in charge of finding a stencil and, of course, I chose a cat. It came out cuter than I expected and we named it Catkin.


This year Trevor wants to carve another pumpkin and he asked for my supervision. Yes, he asked.

So our conversation went like this:

Trevor: I want to buy a pumpkin to carve.

Mickey: Can you carve a CASTLE?

Trevor: Umm, find me a stencil. (see? he asked)

Mickey: I already have one pinned, so I'm way ahead of you.

Trevor: Woah, now you can see the future and read minds. (long story, I had already done it 10 minutes before)

Mickey: I study male primates and anticipate patterns of behavior.

Mickey: Or maybe I watch too much Big Bang Theory.

So this year Trevor is carving a castle pumpkin.

The cutest pumpkin on the block

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