Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 41 - How to keep warm in November

FACT 1: the city I live in is experiencing a cold wave. The temperature dropped from 20C to 6C overnight*. Oh, Celsius, how I shall miss thee! How scared I shall be when I see the high numbers! Is there anyway I can convince Americans to switch to the metric system and Celsius?

FACT 2: shipping a significant part of your earthly possessions across the Atlantic takes a lot of planning and preparation. Shipping and extra luggage can get quite pricey. Also, I am not at all keen on shopping, so I don't want to add "renew wardrobe" to the list of chores I have to do when I get there. From the moment we started the K1 visa process, Trevor has been taking back to the U.S. some of my things, mostly clothes and tchotchkes (for their sentimental value). At the end of summer, he took back some of my summer clothes and when we left in March he got most of my sweaters. As you can see, we've been preparing this move for a long time.

FACT 3: We are still in the long waiting void phase with the USCIS.

Conclusion: it's really cold here, Trevor has most of my sweaters and he won't be here until December (and even so, bringing stuff back would defeat the purpose of our whole plan), I dislike shopping.

Possible solution and outcome:

how to keep warm in the winter stick figures

* As I'm writing this, most of the East Coast, including Trevor's home state, is bracing for hurricane Sandy, so I should really not be complaining about the weather.

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