Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 91 - How to make yourself indispensable

I have a lot of things in common with Trevor. For example, we both like my sense of humor and we both think I am a humble person. However, there are instances when our styles differ (our choice of entertainment being one of them). Because he's a musician, Trevor sometimes lets his creativity get the better of him and he becomes distracted and absent-minded. Because I am myself, I am more organized and inclined to micromanage (and also to use understatements).

So we have come up with a system to put this quality of mine to good use. I am in charge of holding Trevor accountable for doing his work (you know, by giving him lectures on why Facebook and 9gag are bad for your productivity). Sadly the same lecture system does not apply to my Pinterest addiction.

Sometimes it's quite hard to keep a good balance between giving advice and speaking the language of iDemand (notice the subtle hint to that in Trevor's drawing here). So this is a legitimate question that he asked a while ago and the honest answer that was going through my head.

how to micromanage your boyfriend stick figure funny

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