Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 86 - How to profess eternal love

So many people want to know what true love is...well, I will tell you.

True love is buying nail polish for your girlfriend.

Mickey loves fun colors of nail polish, but the only readily available colors where she lives are pink and red (or so she tells me).  So I did the awesome super boyfriend thing and went to the pharmacy here in the States to pick up some fun colors.  Insert awkward checkout moment here.  While some might argue that picking up tampons for your girlfriend is worse, in that situation there is no doubt that your purchase is for a woman.  Also, no one rushes to the store in an emergency to buy nail polish...

Also, I learned it's not yellow, it's vanilla; it's not maroon, it's hazelnut; it's not orange it's pumpkin pie.

how to buy nail polish for my girlfriend

1 comment:

  1. Very cute post!!!
    I got socks (from US) !!! Colorfull socks. Many!
    My fantastic fiancee, now my even more fantastic husband rushed to the first mall, bought about 20 pairs and shipped them to Romania. The expression on the face of the post-office lady was priceless. Fo rme it was the best Christmas present ever, but the lady just cold not get why I was so happy about getting socks from US!! Socks = True love.


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