Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 84 - How to raise a self-assured daughter

I've decided to include a few stories about Mickey's parents.  Coming soon will be a post about my first impressions, but this one was easier to draw for now.

Like any family in the summer, Mickey's parents like to grill.  Her dad especially is proud of his work as grill-master, and I must say that I also approve (I'm always full when we eat at her parents'...always).  He is so proud that I noticed he has a catch-phrase (see below) that he must have picked up from some American movie.  I also noticed where Mickey gets her self-assurance from.  She is cute, and she knows it.  She's smart and she knows it.  And I love her and she knows it!

self-assured genes

1 comment:

  1. Trevor, he didn't see that in a movie, he actually came up with that catchphrase himself. He's THAT good!



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